Service ItemsMORE

              • Development Tools

                Special software for building application software for specific software frameworks, hardware platforms, etc.

              • Test Tools

                Test management tools are designed to reuse test cases and improve the value of software testing

              • Online Teaching

                A teaching mode that uses multimedia and network technology to achieve teaching goals

              • Training Services

                Software service model that integrates management software and implementation services


              Five advantageFast and efficient

              Professional solution

              Professional software and hardware for electronic products and overall solutions for testing, development and technical services

              Excellent quality

              The company is the official authorized agent of ALGOCRAFT, the domestic distributor of XJTAG in the UK.

              Strong team strength

              Composed of scientific and technical personnel who have been engaged in embedded electronic product development and industrial control development and design for many years.

              Wide range of services

              Covers marketing and service networks in Southwest China, East China, South China, Northeast China, and North China

              After-sales service

              Professional after-sales service one-on-one service, 24-hour quality complaints handling, regular customer return visits



              cooperation processGrasp every detail

              about usMake products with heart

              Changyun Electronics

              Established in 2007, Yantai Changyun Electronics Co., Ltd. specializes in providing software, hardware and testing, development and technical service solutions for electronic products. The company is composed of scientific and technological personnel who have been engaged in the ...



              Company news


              Technical services

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